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Taevaskoja tee 32, Taevaskoja
Põlva vald, Põlvamaa, 63229
+372 5345 6480
Skype: taevasmaa1
GPS: N58.10562,  E27.03877

Active holiday

We are located in one of the most gorgeous places of Estonia, Taevaskoda, only a 15 minute walk from the sandstone outcrops and surrounded by a 150 year old coniferous forest.

TaevaskodaKickbike hike

Salamaa is the starting point of hiking trails, as well as kickbike- and kicksledge trips.

Ahja riverSalamaa pondKickbike hike

The hiking trail runs through the mysterious and historical Kimera valley. The trail takes you to the shore of Ahja River where besides the Taevaskoja (Heaven’s Halls), Emaläte (Mother Spring) and Neitsikoobas (Maiden’s Cave) you can also visit the familiar places known from the popular Estonian movie “Viimne Reliikvia” (“The Last Relic”). Thanks to the movie Taevaskoja has its own Gabriel’s Pine and Agnes’ Rowan. The hike may last about 2-3 hours.
The modern and faster way to hike is with a kickbike. You can describe a kickbike hike with the words interesting, attractive and definitely worth trying! The bikes are modern and designed for using in nature. The length of a kickbike hike is about 3-6km. During the hike you pass the filming locations of the movie “Viimne Reliikvia” (“The Last Relic”), such as the Otten’s (Siim’s) bridge, Heaven’s Halls and the Saesaare dam with its working hydropower plant.